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About Us

Why does creating and maintaining a business website feel so overwhelming? 

This was the question that brought Curt Stockwell and Andy Dentone together to create Well Dressed Walrus in 2011. Curt had experience working with graphic design and branding for small businesses. Andy knew the coding, software, and hosting. They both knew the day-in and day-out challenges small businesses had creating marketing that actually worked.  

Together, we wanted to make life easier for small businesses by giving them a clear message, a secure website, and ongoing support for their messaging and online presence.

We are committed to doing a great job for our clients, and we’re dedicated to making the process fun. You can see it in our titles: Curt is the Director of Clarity, Colors & Shapes. Andy is the Director of Ones & Zeros. 

The result is a proven process that allows our clients to hone their message, create a great website, and improve sales. 

You’ll even have fun doing it. We sure do!

Stop worrying about your website. Start increasing sales. Contact us today.

Andy Dentone

Director of Ones and Zeros / owner

Curt Stockwell

Director of Clarity, Colors and Shapes / Owner / StoryBrand Certified Guide

Jeffrey L

Development / Hosting & Server Maintenance / Support Lead

Jana B

Project Manager / Accounts Receivable / Professional Squeaky Wheel

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