• Do-It-Yourself Website Hosting Agreement

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  • Your Website URL
  • Well Dressed Walrus agrees to

    1. Keep the server ONLINE (99% uptime guarantee)
    2. Keep the server FAST (we don't overload)
    3. Keep the server SECURE (AI-Powered Firewall!)
    4. Keep your account BACKED UP (at least once daily)
    5. Respond to support tickets within 2 business days
    6. Provide a standard cPanel account with at least these specs
  • I understand and agree

    1. It is MY RESPONSIBILITY to update Wordpress software, plugins and the theme regularly.
    2. It is MY RESPONSIBILITY to learn basic website maintenance skills to complete #1 above.
    3. Any questions related to billing, logins, payment history, and password resets are not billable.
    4. Any support-related questions are billed at our current hourly rate ($200) with a 30 minute minimum.
    5. There is a $400 minimum account credit required for us to do any support-related work.
    6. Any account credit I add and do not use for support can be used for any future invoices.
    7. There is a $510 restoration fee in the unlikely event I need to request one.
      EXAMPLE: I installed a bad plugin and my website got hacked. -OR- I updated a plugin and got impatient and interrupted the process and now my website is broken and I need Well Dressed Walrus to restore my site.
    8. Support tickets may be submitted 2 ways:
      1. Fill out a quick form: (bookmark it!)
      2. Send all relevant details to [email protected]
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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