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Grow Your Business with

Worry-Free Website Hosting

You deserve peace-of-mind.

When it comes to running your growing business, you have to worry about a lot of things: the budget, inventory, marketing, staff. Your website doesn’t have to be one of them.

What worry-free website hosting means to you...

  • Stay focused on running your business.
  • Trust that your website is clear, efficient, and up-to-date
  • Get help from humans
  • Get answers about your website that make sense rather than a bunch of “nerd speak”.
  • Online sales that work
  • Know that your website is accessible and compliant
  • No more broken links!
  • Backups! Know your website is protected if the worst happens
  • Secure and updated

We’ll worry about your website hosting and maintenance so that you don’t have to. We have a proven 34+ step maintenance routine that will keep your website safe and running smoothly — and keep you worry-free. We’ll cover all 30 steps so that you only have to remember one thing: we’ve got your back!

You need a partner 
– not another pain in the @#!

We are approachable, considerate, thoughtful, expert-level solution-finders that help you think beyond the task and consider the impact it will have.

We are consistently friendly communicators – because you always deserve respect.
You will never be left feeling unsure, embarrassed, or ashamed.

We are here to support and guide you and your customers by always being growth-minded, responsive, positive, and genuinely helpful.

We’ll keep your website safe and healthy with our

proven routine and expert support.

Not sure which plan is right for you?

Hosting Plan features

All plans include these thoughtful features (but didn’t work well inside the pricing table).

  • It is our promise to keep every website online, backed up, updated, and secure. Get peace-of-mind and take back control of your website!
  • Free SSL Certificate to make your website secure (and have that https:// at the front). Every website should be secure. This free one is basic and has no per-transaction warranty.
  • Constant monitoring. We also provide plenty of processing power, speed, memory, and disc space. We’ll work with you on any special requirements your website or target audience may have.
  • Enhanced Security. Every account comes with daily malware scans, an AI-powered Firewall, 2-Factor Authentication (on request), and more.
  • Backup Testing. All but the basic plan includes a complete test of the restorability of a recent website backup that is performed quarterly. (No one else does this!) (WFWS and above)
  • Timely Support. We review support tickets twice every business day.
  • Unique Proactive Support. If we hear about a plugin causing a vulnerability, and your site has it installed, we’ll assess the issue and reach out to you proactively if you prefer, otherwise we will just handle it for you.
  • 24/7 Monitoring. We have a dashboard that shows real-time server status and we’re instantly notified if something happens.
  • Daily Backups. We backup every website several times every day – because we care.
  • At least monthly software updates. We login and review that software is updated, and security and backups are running. This proactive process keeps your site ahead of the curve with security patches and improvements released by the global WordPress community.
  • Extra layers of security such as AI-powered Firewall, two-factor authentication (2FA), Contact form Honeypot, reCaptcha, and more layers of security configuration are included at no additional cost. We don’t mess around with your website security!
  • Content Updates & Support. Adjusting content, for example adding team members, new content, or configuring functionality that is supported by already-installed plugins.
  • Basic On-Page SEO. We’ll review each page and optimize it for search engines. We will also fix duplicate content, fix sitemap issues, and review the analytics with you.
  • Growth Strategy Sessions. What are you working on next for your website that we can help strategize and optimize? At least quarterly, we will plan to connect to set new goals, review current projects, discuss analytics, setup custom reports, and plan new projects.
  • Host multiple websites for no additional cost. Sometimes there is more than one website – maybe for different target audiences, or special projects websites, for example, we’ll include at least 3, and even more on larger plans.
  • We’re crazy about backups. We understand that the lack of recent-enough backed-up information can cause huge headaches. Storage space is so inexpensive these days that there’s no excuse to lose data. We provide automated backup processes so that (at least) three different types of backups are made at least 4 times a day (more on larger plans). We store these on separate servers for your security. (Did you know backed-up files can contain sensitive information? So be careful where you store them and who has access to them!) Some may call it overkill, but we just hate it when data gets lost when it could have been easily prevented!
  • Daily Scans for Security, Broken Links, and Malware
  • Performance Boost Recommendations – If your website could use a speed boost, we will consult with you and configure it for you at no additional cost.
  • Expert handling of your domains and the settings for each domain (like domain name services (DNS), managing account contacts and transfers, etc).
  • We’re Growth Minded – We understand that keeping an eye on growth is important to you, so we’ll send you custom monthly Google Analytics reports to your inbox (just ask!).
  • $1000+ worth of premium WordPress Plugins. We love these plugins so much that we include them with every plan! These help us add some extra features to your website like flexible security, backups, reporting, and software update & maintenance control.

Need more assurances?

Where’s your Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

We’re a small and dedicated team that is ready to spring into action for you the moment something goes wrong (sometimes even before anyone else notices). However, we do sleep. That being said, we’ve got several monitoring systems in place that notify us instantly across all of our digital devices. We do offer an SLA and you can find it here. You’ll find we guarantee 99% uptime, but are usually running closer to 99.99% and you can check the current stats here

If you need real people to take really good care of your website, look no further. Stop worrying about your website today.

Move from frustration to confidence in your website hosting with the

Worry Free Website Support team.